1. An approved safety helmet must be worn at all times.

  2. Obey all the road rules – especially keeping left. Crossing the centerline at the finish will result in DQ.

  3. No aero bars to be used in bunch races.

  4. Riders may take no part in any grades race other than their own. The only time this rule does not apply is when the race is a handicap race.

  5. Club members are required to help with marshaling duties once a season, reporting for duty by 5.30pm on the Tuesday night they are rostered on. If you can’t make it before 5.30pm, you must organise someone else in your place. Check the roster at the bottom of this page.

  6. No points can be earned on a club night unless subs have been paid in the required time frame (2 weeks from the first race). Read more about our club fees over on the JOIN PAGE.

  7. Every rider must display their rider number during Tuesday night racing. Your cloth number may be pinned to the left rear side of your cycle shirt or you can use the bike number attached to your seat post. In the absence of either of these, a number will be applied in marker pen to your left leg. 
  8. Junior riders will be required to use age appropriate restricted gearing in line with UCI recommendations. This change will be phased in over the beginning of the 2014/2015 season and assistance will be given to help Junior riders become compliant.