1. The rider may not move up or down grades 4 races out from the end of each season. So 4 races leading to the Italian pursuit and 4 races leading to the last ride of the season, the Hatuma dash.

  2. As stated above regarding moving up grades 4 rides from the end. If a rider is building up for an event, such as Age Group Nationals, and is wanting to further challenge themselves, we will let rule 1 slide.

  3. Riders must see Lee Oliver prior to making a grade change so we can make it less stressful for the timing and registration teams. We want to avoid grade changes on the day. Please email Lee: at least 2 days prior to race day, or see him the week before so the changes can be considered. Once the change has been made, riders will have to stay in that grade for at least 3 races. 

  4. If the rider changes up a grade and becomes the leader of that grade, they do not automatically get the leader's jersey; the original grade leader will retain the jersey. 

  5. When a rider wins up to 3 times in a row, they will gain automatic promotion up a grade. This of course does not include A grade. F grade will always have leeway; changes will be made if required.

  6. If a rider rides in the wrong grade without informing the handicapper they will not receive points for that race.