about cycling chb

Cycling CHB (Formerly the CHB BATs Cycling Club) is a family-friendly club who have had several National and Olympic cyclists who are proud to call CHB home. We are located in the beautiful Central Hawke's Bay and run a Tuesday evening cycle race from 6:00pm till dark during daylight savings in the summer.

We cater for all abilities from beginners through to senior riders. Our races are graded for ability with distances to match and offer a varied program, from hill climbs to Kermises to Time Trials -
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Our members are passionate cyclists and often arrange group rides during the week and weekends. Please check out our FACEBOOK page for detail about upcoming group rides.

All visitors are welcome! No need to pre-register, just come along to a Tuesday Night race. Alternatively you can contact one of our committee members or send us a message here.

a history of the club


Whilst out on a training run friends Mike Brown and Robbie Hislop discussed the idea of forming a new club which encompassed cycling as well as running.

With this in mind Mike Brown organised a Biathlon from the Waipawa School, which consisted of a 2km run followed by a 6km cycle.
Five competitors turned up on the 26th Of January 1989 for this event. When looking for a name for this new club Suzanne Carpenter who was married to the local dentist came up with the acronym BATS and hence the name of the club was called CHB BATS, which stood for Biathlons and Triathlons club.

After a few years a group of people approached the club and enquired if people who only wanted to cycle could have their own cycle race. In 1991 a cycle race was added to the programme monthly. Gradually the cycle races increased in popularity and in 1993 cycle races were held in conjunction with the biathlons. The cycle races proved so popular that the biathlons and triathlons were shifted to a different night so that competitors could compete in both events. The weekly biathlons and triathlons slowly dwindled out but the club still runs a Duathlon club champs as well as the Mike Brown Memorial Duathlon which is a tribute to the founder Mike Brown who was tragically killed in a tramping accident in 1997.

The first CHB Tour race was held in 1993 and was run separately to the club by Ross Pepper, Richard Lee and Max Chatfield. This has now become the popular Tour De Beautiful, which is held annually in January, and now run by the club. It attracts fields upwards of 500 competitors.

In 2008 the club changed its name to Cycling CHB but recognised its history by keeping the Bats emblem, which it actively promotes as the logo of the club.

Club racing is held on a Tuesday night from various venues in CHB. Upward of 100 competitors turn up for these weekly events with competitors of all abilities catered for with a number of different distances.

The club has had a number of notable riders amongst its ranks. Jeremy Yates who won the Junior World Road Race in 2000. Current member Westley Gough who won a gold medal at the Junior World Cycling Championships in 2005 and a bronze medal at the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008 representing New Zealand in the Track Teams Pursuit. He is the only person to have won the Central Hawke’s Bay Sportsperson of the year on two occasions.

the club race rules

1. An approved safety helmet must be worn at all times.

2. Obey all the road rules – especially keeping left. Crossing the center line at the finish will result in DQ.

3. No aero bars to be used in bunch races.

4. Riders may take no part in any grades race other than their own. The only time this rule does not apply is when the race is a handicap race.

5. Club members are required to help with marshaling duties once a season, reporting for duty by 5.30pm on the Tuesday night they are rostered on. If you can’t make it before 5.30pm, you must organise someone else in your place and tell the Team Leader, or phone celia wilson
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6. No points can be earned on a club night unless subs have been paid in the required time frame (2 weeks from the first race). Read more about out club fees over on the join page.

7. Every rider must display their rider number during Tuesday night racing. Your cloth number may be pinned to the left rear side of your cycle shirt or you can use the bike number attached to your seat post. In the absence of either of these, a number will be applied in marker pen to your left leg. 

8. Every rider must display their rider number during Tuesday night racing. Your cloth number may be pinned to the left rear side of your cycle shirt or you can use the bike number attached to your seat post. In the absence of either of these, a number will be applied in marker pen to your left leg. 

9. Junior riders will be required to use age appropriate restricted gearing in line with UCI recommendations. This change will be phased in over the beginning of the 2014/2015 season and assistance will be given to help Junior riders become compliant.

10. Grade changes within each season:
a. Any grade change requests need to be sanctioned by the club handicappers Simon Pepper or Mark August, several days before race day to allow time for consideration, and adjustment to sign in sheets. Once a change has been approved the rider will remain in the new grade for at least 3 races.
b. Riders moved up a grade carrying more points then the current leader of their new grade will not automatically hold the leaders jersey for 1 race. The original grade leader will retain the leaders jersey.
c. Rider grade changes up or down will stop 4 races from the end of each season. Exceptions can apply to those preparing for National events and wishing to race up a grade.
d. A rider winning 3 times in a month will gain automatic promotion up a grade. F graders are offered some leeway
e. If a rider chooses to race in the wrong grade without informing the handicappers they will receive 0 points

committee list

John Mudgway - President  

Neil Baker - Vice President

Sandy Wiggins - Secretary

Wayne Ewing - Treasurer

Simon Pepper-Handicapper
Mark August - Handicapper CONTACT

Chris Stableford

Tim Mackie

Celia Wilson - STMS

Wayne Jamieson

Dean Gough

Jo Baker

Craige Wiggins

Shane Janssen

Elizabeth Dawson

Dave Robertson

Lynne Robertson

Cheryl Christie