Ultimo CHB Junior Tour 

26th & 27th March 2022

This year we will be holding the Ultimo CHB Junior Tour on the 26th &
27th March 2022. Which will see riders take on a new Prologue, and two
challenging Road courses.

Printable version of the Event Information Pack with altered Stage 2 courses

Event Manager 

John Mudgway 021515466.

Prize Money approx

$5000 over eight grades for men and women.

Split of Prize Money

• GC - 70% of pool split on an equal basis between Men and
Women dependent on the number of starters.


• Separate GC jerseys will
be awarded for UI3 UI5 UI7, U19 Mens, and Womens
• Separate KOM jerseys will
be awarded for U13 UI5 UI7 and U19 Mens and Womens 


Sunday 27th at 2.00pm at the Hatuma Lime Works.

Prologue start List

Click Here

Accommodation options

TukiTuki Motel

Thornton Lodge


REgistration AND


This is a Cycling New Zealand sanctioned event.

All Entrants in the U19, U17,U15, categories are to produce their Cycling NZ Licence at the Saturday morning registration. For U13 a Secondary School Licence will be accepted.

Registration opens at 9.00am -10.00am by Otane Arts and Crafts Hall corner Higginson St and White Rd where you can pick up your transponder and race numbers which you will need for every stage of the junior tour, and is to be returned to the timing team at the end of the last stage on Sunday with your cloth race numbers.
You must sign on at every stage and attend every race briefing.

Gearing as follows:
U19 - 7.93 metres
U17 - 7.00 metres
U15 - 6.61 metres
U13 - 6.61 metres

• Separate GC jerseys will be awarded for UI3 UI5 UI7 and U19 Mens and Womens.  
• Separate KOM jerseys will be awarded for U13 UI5 UI7 and U19 Mens and Womens.  

Guide to Age Group 2022
Guide to Age Group Category

Race Flags
Race Flags

Race Entry Conditions

1. Entries will only be accepted via the Junior Tour Registration site and must be received by the advertised closing date 23th March 2022. Any queries contact the Event Manager

2. A separate entry is required for each entrant

3. Entries will not be accepted unless signed and accompanied by the correct entry fee

4. Entries will not be accepted by telephone

5. A Covid Vaccination Pass, and mask wearing is mandatory unless racing

6. Timing transponders are used in all stages and must be fitted correctly to bikes. At the conclusion of all racing, cloth numbers and transponder must be returned to the timing team or race officials.

7. Timing software uses the 1 sec rule; gaps in sprints mean added time.

8.  Sign in is required before each stage and must be completed in person (no proxy) 10minutes before race start. Failure will result in a 30sec penalty

9. Attendance at prize giving following each stage is encouraged, failure to attend can result in a 30sec penalty

10. Riders withdrawing after commencement of any stage must advise the Chief Commissaire. Do not cross the finish line with your transponder if you are withdrawing from the event.

11. Racing is conducted under CNZ rules except as stated otherwise.

12. All roads are open - New Zealand Road
Rules apply

13. The Chief Commissaire reserves the right to alter advertised course details and his decision on all matters pertaining to this event are final


Supervision Sports


Saturday 26th Race start time 11:00am. Rider to go at 30sec intervals. 

Prologue Course 

Start White Rd Otane heading south west, turn left into Racecourse Rd, heading east, then turn left into Elsthorpe Rd which becomes Higginson St Otane, turning left into White Rd and Finish 8.5km

Start Order

1st - Under 19 men
2nd - Under 17 men
3rd - Under 19 women
4th - Under 17 women
5th - Under 15 boys
6th - Under 15 girls
7th - Under 13 boys
8th - Under 13 girls 

In the event of a puncture or a mechanical failure in the first 500 metres of the Time Trial a rider may have a restart at the rear of the field. If the puncture or a mechanical occurs outside the first 500 metres of the Time Trial the rider shall be credited with the slowest time of his or her grade.

Note: The road bike and gear you use in the stage races must also be used for the Prologue -i.e. no flash helmet, no disc wheel and no aero bars.

Prologue Start List


Mudgway Enterprises
Stage One

Start Otane White Rd
Signin from 1:00pm Otane corner Higginson St and White Rd
Saturday 26th- Start Time 2:00pm
Start Times and Distance

Pedal Cartel Cycling Tours KOM Sprint Top of Patangata Hill
Number of KOM Points per Grade

The course Stage One for Under 19 and Under 17 men and women
Big Circuit Aorangi Hinerangi Waiou Loop
Start White Rd race is neutralised until flag drops                  0.0km
Turn Left into Racecourse Rd                                                    3.6km
Turn Right with care into Tod Rd  -  Start of  Lap                      7.1km
Turn Right following Tod Rd                                                       8.9km
Turn Left into Pourerere Rd                                                      14.3km
Turn Left into River Rd   Caution!  Tight corner off descent  14.7km
Turn Left into Elsthorpe Rd at Patangata Tavern ( Hill Climb)  21.6km             KOM driveway rapid 1168  ( hill climb every lap)                      21.8km
Turn Left following Elsthorpe Rd                                               23.5km
Turn Left following Elsthorpe Rd past Tekura Rd intersection 27.6km
Turn Right following Elsthorpe Rd                                             28.4km
Turn Left into Tod Rd   Each Lap 23.9km                                   30.5km

On final lap continue past Tod Rd                                               0.3km
Keep Left into Racecourse Rd at junction of Racecourse and Elsthorpe
Turn Right with care White Rd                                                     3.2km
Finish White Rd

U 19 Feed Station Lap 2 and Lap 3 Nook Hill Elsthorpe Rd 400 metres from Tod Rd corner

The Course Stage One for U13 boys and girls   
Start White Rd  Controlled till flag drops                                                 0.0km
Turn Left into Racecourse Rd                                                                     3.6km
Turn Left into Elsthorpe Otane Rd                                                            6.9km
Turn Left into White Rd                                                                              8.8km
Repeat circuit Lap 2
Finish 300 metres from intersection of Elsthorpe Rd on White Rd

Waiou Hill loop from Race CourseREGISTER NOW

Hatuma Lime works


Stage Two Road Race 

Start Maharakeke Rd Hatuma Lime Co..

Stage Two sign in Hatuma Lime Co.,Maharakeke Rd 8:00am.
Sunday 27th – Start Time 8:30 am

Stage 2 Start Times and Distance

Pedal Cartel Cycling Tours KOM Sprint Hill top of Waiou Hill.

Wanstead Hill KOM Points by Grade

Course description Stage 2 

Small Lap Woburn Waiou Loop
All Grades
‍Maharakeke Rd south of Finish Line on railway over bridge
Start Hatuma Lime Co. Maharakeke Rd                  0.0km
Turn Left Woburn Rd                                               2.0km
Turn Left Hatuma Rd                                               8.3km
Extreme Caution! Uncontrolled railway crossing 9.8km
Turn Left into Waiou Rd                                          11.2km
KOM Top of Waiou Hill                                           12.3km
Turn Left intoMaharakeke Rd                                  15.1km
Finish                                                                       15.8km

U19 Feed Station Lap 3 and Lap 4
Maharakeke Rd south of Finish Line on railway over bridge





U19 Mens        U19 Womens

U17 Mens        U17 Womens

U15 Boys         U15 Girls

U13 Boys & U13 Girls

KOM Stage 1     KOM Stage 2


U19 Mens         U19 Womens

U17 Mens         U17 Womens

U15 Boys           U15 Girls

U13 Boys &  U13 Girls

KOM Stage 1        KOM Stage 2       



U19 Mens            U19 Womens

U17 Mens            U17 Womens

U15 Boys            U15 Girls

U13 Boys & U13 Girls    KOM Stage 1      KOM Stage 2


U19 Mens            U19 Womens & Open Womens

U17 Mens            U17 Womens

U15 Boys             U15 Girls

U13 Boys & U13 Girls    KOM Stage 1      KOM Stage 2

2018 Results

U19 Mens            U19 Womens & Open Womens

U17 Mens            U17 Womens

U15 Boys             U15 Girls

U13 Boys & Girls    KOM Stage 1      KOM Stage 3



Stage 1                   Stage 1 GC

Stage 2                   Stage 2 GC

Stage 3                   Stage 3 GC

KOM Stage 1           KOM Stage 2 & 3